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The Truth of Blood & Truth PSVR (Review)

by mcc-destroyer

Hi folks, I hope you’re all staying safe! It’s been a while since I last posted on the blog, and have had a lot going on in the background over the last few months. I’ve built a little personal studio, to help keep me organised for Arting, the radio station, and gaming.

So, here’s my first proper gaming review of Blood & Truth on the PSVR.

Let’s start with the game itself, it’s a spin-off of the extremely popular London Heist demo from the VR Worlds disk, available on the PS Store. This game is an arcade style shooter fan’s dream! The action is more or less non stop from the very beginning where you play as SAS soldier Ryan Mark’s saving your captured partner in the middle east. This is just a tutorial and prologue to the actual game, which involves a hostile takeover by Tony Sharp, in true British Gangster Movie style.

The story itself is OK, not Oscar winning material, but still pretty good. There’s definitely some humour in there, but I won’t spoil the story for those that haven’t played it yet! I did notice some issues with the graphics, which can be blurry at times, due the draw distance, and limitations of the PS4 and the headset, but don’t let that comment put you off. If you’re a shooter game fan, you’ll absolutely love this game.

However, this game is not without it’s problems. It’s had quite a few patches since it’s initial release, but still has some really major glitches, for example, during my play through, my hands stuck together when I was in the middle of a reload, and I wasnt able to dire at the enemies, and was killed. I respawned with no weapons at all, and this started a loop of getting killed, respawn without weapons, die, respawn, no weapons, die, respawn, and I had to abandon the game, close the game, and reload it again for it to correct itself. This really did ruin the feeling of immersion in the game. You will see this in my part one video below.

As you can see, it was pretty frustrating, but it was worth carrying on with the story. It really does give you the feeling of being the main star of an action flick. And interacting with the environments, which consists mostly of climbing, picking locks and planting explosive charges feels good, my personal favourite is the slo-mo door charges in some parts of the story where you need to clear the rooms of terrorists/bad guys, and the slo-mo targeting where you need to shoot the heavily armoured dudes in their weak points before you finish them off with a fatal shot.

I found that sometimes the narrative was a little bit monotonous, and a little on the boring side (I dunno, I expected a bit more, I think), don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect an award winning acting performance.

I do think I’m being maybe a little harsh on this game, I would still recommend buying it, not at the £34.99 price tag, but it would definitely make a great addition to any VR player’s collection if you can get over the minor bugs. I just cant help but feel there was something missing, that I can’t quite put my finger on. The fact that there’s LOTS of action does give you something to distract you from this. The soundtrack is awesome, and I can’t complain about the sound effects, the guns sound exactly as they should, loud, very loud, and again, I can hardly find any complaints with it.

All in all, the entire experience lasts around four hours for the average player, and could probably be completed in around three, if you’re in a rush. I would definitely go back to this game, and play it again, but hopefully the bugs and sticky hands and disappearing guns are patched out by the developer sometime soon.


All in all, it’s a pretty damn good game, still recommend worth buying. There’s a monologue that’s a bit long winded and confusing, at least it was for me, but I would still rate this game highly

I would give this game a solid


Anyways, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the videos, and I will hit you all up again soon with another gaming post.

Take Care, and Stay Safe!


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