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AstroBot – Rescue Mission PSVR Review

by mcc-destroyer

Hi everyone, welcome to another one of my PSVR reviews!

This was originally intended to be a Bravo Team review, but due to it’s severe lack of unplayability, I optioned to do a play through of Astrobot – Rescue Mission on the PSVR instead. I’ll post more on the issues of Bravo Team issues in a separate post

Let me just say, I’m not ordinarily a fan of platform games… Mario having driven me mental for years. TNMT on the NES is a fine example as to why I’m not a fan of platform games.

Astrobot Rescue Mission has changed my mind. This game is a work of art! There’s absolutely tons to do, from finding the little Chameleon guy, who unlocks bonus stages in the game, and collecting tokens to buy mini playsets in a Claw-styled arcade booth!

The music soundtrack is extremely catchy too. I’ve found myself literally bopping to the tune in the first level of te game after lots and lots of plays in the game (I never really ventured past the Giant Gorilla and never put much thought into playing it.

I’m glad I did!

The sense of peril in VR is astounding, as it does a good job of making you feel very fearful of little Astro Bot, as you jump across endless abysses, on moving platforms, that can only be seen if you shine a torch on them, is very scary indeed, but well worth persevering with, since there’s no limit on the amount of lives you have as the player.

Those elements mixed with the extra intimidation of a gigantic boss, can be a bit maddening at times, as they all have a particular move set and sequence to memorise and beat, but trying to do that, while knowing the sequence the boss is using, but scared to jump or avoid, in case I fall to an endless fall to my peril, was tough at times.

Which leads me to the question of, is there too much of a good thing? I would also say “Yes”, to that. I would honestly go back and replay this game at some stage, but I would probably do it at a much slower pace, just so that I could appreciate it further (and rescue the rest of the bots).

There is, however, such a thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to this game. After around 3 hours of play (you can see from video 2), gets a little frustrating after repeated beatings by a giant bird… or a granny spider giant.

It’s one of the first times I’ve played a VR game for so long, that I needed a bit of a break. Beating this game was worth it though, since there’s so much to collect and unlock. It’s fun with a capital F, and is hard to walk away from.

All in all, Astrobot – Rescue Mission is an amazing feat, loads of fun, and has many, many reasons to come back to replay it. The puzzles are simple, platforming is very, very good, and the music and soundtrack are astounding! A good experience for all of the family!

I would award this game a well deserved 9/10!

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