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OutRun Online Arcade on PS3

by mcc-destroyer

OutRun Online Arcade is in actual fact one of the most overlooked games in the history of the PlayStation 3.

I’ve owned it on every console I’ve owned (obviously, depending on if it was actually released on those consoles). My first copy of OutRun was on the Sinclair Spectrum 128k

As you can see, the graphics were a bit shit back in the 80’s, but it was fun!

The graphics weren’t great, but it was so much fun sitting down round the TV with my cousin in my grandad’s house. I remember my first time playing this, my uncle had come to visit, and he brought this and a game called Ace of Aces (a flight game that had more instructions and booklets, it was a nightmare to play at 8yrs old).

The original OutRun Arcade Title Screen from ’86

Its always one of the games I’ve come back to for quick blasts of a game for a few minutes (also Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat are also good for a random pickup).

First time I played OutRun since I was a kid, was this PSP version called OutRun Coast 2 Coast. I believe it was connectible with the PS2 version for extra content.

Anyhow, I’d give this version a Must Own, simply due to the amounts of variations of Ferrari cars (compared to the one in the first iteration of the game) and the feeling of speed you’re travelling at while Magical Sound Shower Remix is blaring in the background feels so fucking cool!

For now, here’s a short video of me completing a stage of OutRun Online Arcade around Christmas 2018 while taking a break from designing the first version of the graphics used in my logo (before I lost it in a hard-drive formatting incident).

So, enjoy, and thanks for reading.

Best of luck!


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